We'll Drastically Improve Your Child's Grades

Join a group of same-age students for 3 Intense Classes every Week in Math & English (max. 6 friendly students).

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Why Join Our Learning Acceleration Program?

Let's face it...all students have learning gaps. Holidays make things worse. An accelerated program gets rid of the gaps and pushes students to the top of the class.

The intensive support your student needs

Intensive practice pays off 10x more.

Community provides healthy competition

Learning accelerates when a student has access to a live peer group learning together.

Time off is great...for forgetting

Summer and winter holidays allow students to forget core concepts. Periodic revision embeds them in long-term memory.

Customized learning pathways

Our adaptive learning software and differentiated curriculum allow students to progress at their own pace while being part of the group.

Looking at concepts from fresh angles

Looking at concepts from fresh angles gives them mind new hooks, connects ideas together and helps retain them in long-term memory.

Revision & spaced repetition

Research shows that we need to revisit knowledge multiple times at regular intervals for it to stick.
"I did that at school" is not a good answer!

How it works

Free Assessment

We'll talk through your child's strengths, weaknesses, and academic objectives.

We will share one or more online groups, led by rigorous tutors that fit your student's profile and learning philosophy.

Warm Introduction

We will gently introduce you to your child's team mates and warmly onboard you into your accelerated learning club.

Step-by-step, your student will get to know their new routines and will start getting excited with their learning goals and projects.

The perfect schedule

We have optimised the weekly schedule. The groups meet three times a week with the topics carefully chosen to advance learning at the fastest pace possible.

The accelerated learning path includes additional hours of independent study, guided by your tutor who tailors the work to each child.

Get 50% OFF Your 1st Month

3-Month Acceleration Program

(12 sessions per month)

  • 1st Month 50% OFF
    ($15 👉  $7.5 per session)
  • 50 min. Intense 1:6 Sessions
  • Weekly Live, Interactive Sessions (3h)
  • Access To Full-Year Engaging Curriculum & Video Lessons
  • Multidisciplinary & Flexible Program (Math, English)
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills Development
  • Choose Your High-Energy Tutor
  • Flexible, Year Round Enrollment
  • 2-Session Quality Money-back Guarantee
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Our Guarantee To You

We aim for 100% satisfaction of our students. Not only should our students pass their assessments with flying colors, they should feel confident they have the skills they need for lifelong learning.

Finally, a learning experience that is rigorous and fun!

We believe every student can and should enjoy learning. Children are naturally creative. They learn at a different pace and have different interests, strengths and weaknesses.

Comprehensive reporting so you always know how your child is progressing.

Our custom learning pathways help beginner to advanced students build solid foundations as well as advance skills.

We get creative with projects for their interests — whether that’s games, art, stories, or more!

Learn How We Can Accelerate Your Child’s Learning

Propel your child into the future!

What Our Families Are Saying About Us

"I can see the difference. She is definitely approaching her learning in a different, more organised and goal-oriented way! Thank you!"

“You improved my child’s confidence and she is now two grades ahead in ELA.”

"Both my kids (middle and high school) have been in your accelerated program for two quarterly cycles now. They both love their class and have learned so much. The instructors are young, enthusiastic, and very positive in their approach. I love that the curriculum is posted and that there is a summary posted after every class so that I can track their progress. The weekly schedule is super easy and customer service has been fantastic. Highly recommended."

“Shantiah was ecstatic about her online club. I can see a very clear progression in her studies.”

“Jake is an amazing teacher! Our son is looking forward to their work we are very confident about his upcoming exam.”

“I was thrilled when I found out about Brilliant Grades. The instructors are top-notch and the groups allow for optimum learning. As an added benefit, your program has helped him excel in his higher-level math courses as well. He has loved the courses he has taken with Brilliant Grades and hopes to pursue a degree in computer science when he graduates next year. I can not recommend this program enough.”